I was told you can’t bowl 100 mph without using drugs, frighteningly quick Pakistan bowler says

Pakistan seamer Shoaib Akhtar said he was told that he wouldn't be able to bowl at 100 mph without taking drugs

Pakistan seamer Shoaib Akhtar: “When I started playing cricket I was told you can’t bowl fast and to achieve good speeds of 100 mph I will have to use drugs. But I have always refused to do so”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Legendary Pakistan pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar revealed that he was told he couldn’t bowl at 100 mph without using drugs.

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Kohli: I completely respect Kumble as a cricketer

“What happens in the change room is something that’s very sacred and private to all of us”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

India captain Virat Kohli has said that he has nothing but respect for everything Anil Kumble achieved during his illustrious career, but he refused to dwell on why the 46-year-old stepped down as head coach on Tuesday.

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