Ian Chappell on Pakistan batsman Babar Azam: ‘It was ridiculous to send him in at five’

Ian Chappell believes it was ridiculous that Babar Azam was batting at number five Pakistan cricket

Ian Chappell: “It was ridiculous to send him in at five”

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Legendary Australia captain Ian Chappell has slammed Pakistan for sending batsman Babar Azam in at number five during the first Test against Australia.

Azam batted at number five in both innings, but scored a sensational 104 on the fourth day in Brisbane, which came off 173 balls and included 13 boundaries.

Chappell noted that a batsman of Azam’s calibre should be batting at three or four.

“I think he’s a very good player. But Pakistan have got to make much better use of him by getting him further up the order,” Chappell told Wide World of Sports as quoted by cricketpakistan.com.pk. “Four is the minimum. He should have batted at four in the match and I’d like to see him put in at three, but certainly no lower than four.

“I think if he had come in at 75/1 in the first innings, how much difference it made to the game we’ll never know but it was ridiculous to send him in at five.”

The second Test between Australia and Pakistan will get underway on November 29 in Adelaide.

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