Outstanding Neymar free kick, Mohammad Amir praises Pakistan player’s FIFA skills

Mohammad Amir praised Atiq-uz-Zaman's FIFA skills after he scored an outstanding goal via a free kick from Neymar

Mohammad Amir said Atiq-uz-Zaman’s free kick with Neymar was “outstanding”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan left-arm seamer Mohammad Amir heaped praise on former cricketer Atiq-uz-Zaman’s FIFA skills after he scored a superb free kick with football superstar Neymar.

Playing as Paris Saint-Germain, Atiq, who is the fielding and wicketkeeping coach at the National High Performance Centre in Lahore, slotted home a free kick in the top corner against Premier League powerhouse Manchester City.

Upon asking Amir what he thought of the goal, the 28-year-old responded with “outstanding”.

Paris Saint-Germain are currently at the top of the Ligue 1 standings with 28 points, while Manchester City are in ninth place on the Premier League table with 19 points.

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Who is your favourite current footballer?
Who is your favourite current footballer?

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