Michael Slater thinks Pakistan star Babar Azam is better than Virat Kohli and Joe Root?

Michael Slater thinks Virat Kohli is better than Babar Azam and Joe Root India Pakistan cricket

Michael Slater: “If you are asking about the best, then it has to be Kohli”

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Former Australia batsman Michael Slater believes Pakistan batsman and T20 captain Babar Azam is not better than India skipper Virat Kohli.

Slater was asked to compare Azam, Kohli and England captain Joe Root while doing a video on Instagram.

Slater picked Kohli as the best out of the trio as he feels the 31-year-old is “technically the best player in the world”.

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“If you are asking about the best, then it has to be Kohli. He is the most steely-eyed competitor I have ever seen. His captaincy stance is different to all other Indian captains and [he] is technically the best player in the world,” he was quoted as saying by Cricket Pakistan.

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