Ramiz reveals which Pakistan player ‘kept us engaged’ during the 1992 World Cup

Ramiz Raja reveals how Imran Khan kept the Pakistan team engaged during the 1992 World Cup cricket

Ramiz Raja: “We kept losing but one thing we had was the quality leadership of Imran Khan which kept us engaged”

Image courtesy of: Ary Sports

Ramiz Raja has revealed that legendary captain Imran Khan “kept us engaged” when the Pakistan team were struggling early on in the 1992 World Cup.

Ramiz recalled that even after Pakistan lost to the West Indies by 10 wickets, Imran and the rest of the team refused to go down without a fight for the rest of the tournament.

This led to Pakistan going into “desperation mode”, which sparked the members of the team to rise up and make their presence felt.

Ultimately, Pakistan turned their fortunes around and ended up winning the World Cup.

To this day, it remains their one and only World Cup win.

“There seemed to be a selection process when we first got to Australia because we were the first team to show up. Our captain wanted us to acclimatise to the conditions and we took several extra players,” Ramiz said in a YouTube video as quoted by Cricket Pakistan.

“We were losing to mediocre teams there and our confidence was low. We were trying out different combinations. Then we suddenly played West Indies and lost badly. We kept losing but one thing we had was the quality leadership of Imran Khan which kept us engaged.

“We were thinking forward after every loss. We were battle hardened and ready to play our best cricket because of that initial time. When a team comes into desperation mode and you know that your direction is right, you take a leap that surprises everyone including yourself. Individual performances started coming out. Everyone started pinching in. If you play as one and you want to win with a noble cause [building a hospital] nothing can stop you. The desperation mode and our spirit turned everything around.”

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