Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal reveals goal for the future after his 218 in the QeA Trophy final

Umar Akmal eager to play Test cricket again Pakistan cricket

Umar Akmal: “I hope I can get a chance to play Tests”

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Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal has revealed that his goal going forward is to resurrect his Test career after he starred on the third day of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy final.

Playing for Central Punjab, Akmal stole the spotlight with his fantastic knock of 218, which came off 265 balls and included 20 boundaries and eight sixes.

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Akmal hasn’t played Test cricket since September 2011, but last represented Pakistan in their Twenty20 series against Sri Lanka in Lahore in October.

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“This is all due to Allah’s blessings, I do my best and also other teammates do their best too,” Akmal was quoted as saying by PakPassion. “My role is to perform well in domestic cricket. As far as selection for the national side is concerned, that is the job of the selectors.

“I am doing my best in four-day cricket and as far as I am concerned, no amount of runs I score in four-day are enough. Inshallah that day is not far [when I will play Tests] and I hope I can get a chance to play Tests.

“You cannot decide on the result of one ball if I made a mistake but I will try my best to avail myself of any other chances I get in the future. All those journalists who are sitting here will know that you cannot decide on the career of a person based on one ball. If I can play a few more balls then I will feel satisfied that I have been given good chances and then I will try and avail myself of those chances.

“All those cricketers who have played in the six teams have played well. Those who could not be selected for this season, all I can say is that I pray that Allah makes it easy for them and Inshallah that time is not far away when they will also be part of [first-class] cricket.”

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