What led to Pakistan great Saqlain Mushtaq becoming ‘down and depressed’?

Saqlain Mushtaq reveals he was down and depressed after being bedridden for 36 to 37 weeks after undergoing surgery on both knees Pakistan cricket

Saqlain Mushtaq: “I had undergone surgery on both knees and was bedridden for 36-37 weeks. I was both down and depressed”

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Legendary Pakistan off-spinner Saqlain Mushtaq has revealed that he became “down and depressed” after being bedridden for around nine months after undergoing surgery on both his knees.

However, after finally making his comeback, there was one particular incident that really brightened his day.

Saqlain recalled that former India captain and current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly “ended up winning my heart” when he brought him coffee and spoke to him for 40 minutes.

Saqlain noted that the incident took place when he was playing for Sussex in a practice match against India back in 2005/06 season.

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“When India was touring England, I was playing for Sussex. They had a three-day practice match in Sussex and Sourav (Ganguly) was not playing that match. Sussex won the toss and decided to bat,” Saqlain said in a video on YouTube as quoted by The New Indian Express.

“I think this had happened in 2005-06. I had undergone surgery on both knees and was bedridden for 36-37 weeks. I was both down and depressed.

“I was making a comeback in that post-surgery period and Sourav had come to watch that match. When Sussex were batting, Sourav had seen me from the balcony. I did not see him because our dressing room was facing the other direction.

“Ganguly then came to our dressing room and offered me a cup of coffee and enquired about my knees, life, family. Then we just started talking. He sat with me for 40 minutes and ended up winning my heart.”

Saqlain also wished Ganguly all the best during his tenure as BCCI president and is confident that he will do a great job.

“When we used to play, there used to be a tremendous amount of passion from both sides. The fans used to make their presence felt,” he said. “There used to be some misunderstandings as well, and even I have been a part of it. However, once the match got over, we all used to put it behind us. I have never had a misunderstanding with Sourav.

“Sourav Ganguly has done a tremendous job when he was captaining India and I am sure that he will go a long way in taking cricket forward in his country as the BCCI President. All the best and go ahead.”

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