What advice has Pakistan star Mohammad Hafeez given for young cricketers?

Mohammad Hafeez gives advice to young cricketers Pakistan cricket

Mohammad Hafeez: “The most important thing is how disciplined you are as a player”

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Pakistan all-rounder Mohammad Hafeez has advised young cricketers to work on their discipline and fitness if they want to play professional cricket.

Hafeez also pointed out that “having talent is something very minor” as hard work and dedication are key in developing as a player and taking the steps necessary to go on and represent Pakistan.

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“First of all, having talent is something very minor,” Hafeez was quoted as saying by the Gulf Times. “The most important thing is how disciplined you are as a player. What actually matters is your hunger for the sport and the objective you want to achieve. I would ask youngsters to have a broader vision and focus on serving the country as a player.

“I will also stress on being fit. If you are not physically fit, the ones who are will definitely outplay you. We should have a disciplined lifestyle, both on the field and in everyday life. I will ask young players not to rely on talent. They should get disciplined and continue working hard.”

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