Ian Chappell makes shocking comments about Pakistan captain Azhar Ali and Misbah-ul-Haq

Ian Chappell believes Azhar Ali and Misbah-ul-Haq had no idea how to captain in Australia Pakistan cricket

Ian Chappell: “They’ve got no idea how to captain in Australia”

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Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell believes that Misbah-ul-Haq and Azhar Ali had no idea how to captain in Australia.

Misbah captained Pakistan when traveled Down Under in 2016/17, while Azhar was in charge for the recent two-Test series.

Chappell noted that Misbah’s captaincy in Australia was “horrible” and that “he didn’t do any better” when trying to guide the team as head coach this time around.

“They’ve got no idea how to captain in Australia,” Chappell told Wide World of Sports as quoted by PakPassion. “Misbah was horrible last time he came here, now he’s the coach and from talking to some people they think he was orchestrating things off the field on this tour. Well, he didn’t do any better this time around.

“In the UAE, where Pakistan has been successful against Australia, you’ve got fieldsman around the bat a lot of the time against the spinners, but once that doesn’t work, they haven’t got a clue what to do.

“You feel a bit sorry for them because they haven’t been able to play at home, but I’d be suggesting they try and do something to improve the leadership, because Pakistan captaincy in Australia has been appalling for quite some time.

“They need to be prepared to bowl really well for an hour, and against good players even that mightn’t get you a wicket, so you’ve got to bowl really well for the next hour.

“In Brisbane in particular, they’d bowl rubbish with crap field placings, and then suddenly they’d bowl a really good ball out of the blue and beat the bat.

“That’s what tends to happen when there’s no consistency to the good bowling.”

Chappell didn’t only take a shot at Misbah and Azhar as he also turned his attention to current England captain Joe Root and his predecessor Alastair Cook.

“There’s a total lack of understanding about Australian conditions, and it’s not just Pakistan. Alastair Cook was abysmal for England, and I’m not sure Joe Root is much better,” he said.

“Everyone jumps up and down and says batting in Australia is difficult for teams from the subcontinent, and the bounce makes it tricky, but if a good batsman gets a start, he can be bloody hard to get out, as we saw with David Warner in Adelaide.

“Captaining in Australia is different to anywhere else in the world, and when overseas teams come here they prepare by practicing on bouncy pitches, but how much thought do they give to captaining in Australia?

“Certainly on the evidence it seems like they don’t give any thought to it.”

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  1. I certainly agree with Ian Chappell, I have no words Ian said it all …… Pakistan needs to sit together and try to find right direction, right now it feels they are trying to drive up the hill certainly forgot to put the gear up … Please somebody in Pakistan needs to wake up and prove to the world what cricket means to Pakistan …

    • I agree. I think the selection process needs to change. Not enough focus is being given to the players who are actually performing in domestic cricket.

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