Wasim reveals which four Pakistan bowlers Waqar Younis is ‘excited’ about

Wasim Khan reveals Waqar Younis is excited about Mohammad Hasnain, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Muhammad Musa and Naseem Shah Pakistan cricket

Wasim Khan: “I know Waqar Younis is very excited with the young crop of fast bowlers. We have got Musa Khan, Mohammad Hasnain, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah”

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief executive Wasim Khan has revealed that bowling coach Waqar Younis is really “excited” about the young pace quartet of Muhammad Musa, Mohammad Hasnain, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah.

Afridi, Musa and Naseem all featured in the recently concluded Test series against Australia, while Hasnain played in the Twenty20 series that preceded the two Tests.

Afridi, Musa and Hasnain are all 19, while Naseem is just 16.

Despite Pakistan’s tour of Australia being a disappointing one, Wasim noted that these young bowlers need to be supported as they are the future of Pakistan cricket.

“I know Waqar Younis is very excited with the young crop of fast bowlers. We have got Musa Khan, Mohammad Hasnain, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Naseem Shah,” Wasim told 7 Cricket as quoted by cricketpakistan.com.pk. “I think we have just got to be a little patient. What Pakistan isn’t really good at, particularly the public, is being patient. If we win two three games we are the best in the world, if we lose sack everybody. For us it’s important that we back these guys.”

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9 thoughts on “Wasim reveals which four Pakistan bowlers Waqar Younis is ‘excited’ about

  1. I agree we need to be patient but patient with right players in other words we must have selected players based on attitude, fitness and technical skills. We also need to have a captain that can lead from the front…if captain fails then team will most likely fail..this is a proven fact. Look at the best sides they have performing leaders perhaps with exception of Australia! Smith though is rightful captain

    • I think it was too early to pick Naseem and Musa. They needed more experience especially before a tough tour of Australia. Shaheen is a good talent and Hasnain also needs more experience.

      • I agree with you. Too,early for a big tour! I felt very sorry for Nasim but he did ok..he will have a great future if he can remain fit, too young at this time to make call. By selecting young bowlers the whole side was put under pressure.

      • Naseem showed why there is so much hype about him. Not sure about Musa though. Need to see more of him to get a better judgment.

        I think Pakistan needed more balance in the bowling attack and should have picked experienced players who could have helped the younger guys.

  2. I believe too often we have failed to spot technically correct players, for example Shan Masood Abid Ali and Rizwan are current examples,they should have been selected earlier, and we have had a settled side! We must look to the u19 side for technically gifted batsman like the current captain. Examples of technical poor players are Faquar Zaman, Sohail and even Azhar and Sarfaz!

    • Masood and Rizwan did very well in Australia. They are definitely solid players.

      However, I feel Pakistan are not giving players who are performing in domestic cricket a fair chance. Look at Fawad Alam, how many years has he been scoring runs and yet he still continues to be ignored.

      It makes no sense. It’s no wonder people keep thinking there’s politics involved when it comes to selecting the Pakistan team.

      • I agree with you, should have been selected years ago, however looking at his technique playing at home he would have found it difficult in Australia,Mobutu I agree he deserves a chance! I personally won’t expect him to score as he has been out of it for too,long, international cricket and domestic cruet are poles apart, in quality!

      • You never know how he will do unless you give him a chance. That’s the only way to be sure.

  3. I am in Malaysia right now and will support our girls against England,tall order but I hope they show a big improvement since I saw them last time!

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