Wasim slams people for questioning the age of Pakistan seamer Naseem Shah

Wasim Khan criticises people for questioning the age of 16-year-old pace bowler Naseem Shah Pakistan cricket

Wasim Khan: “You only need to look at his face”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan Cricket Board chief executive Wasim Khan has slammed people who have questioned whether pace bowler Naseem Shah is 16.

Wasim’s comments come after some pointed out that Pakistani journalist Saj Sadiq had referred to Naseem as a 17-year-old in December last year.

An Indian publication called The Print also expressed doubts about Naseem’s age.

In response, Wasim pointed out that all the skepticism is “absolute rubbish” and that people only “need to look at his face” to see how young Naseem is.

“You only need to look at his face,” he told The Tonk as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “He’s hardly got any growth on his face. In terms of that, people question it no doubt, just because of his age and the fact that he’s a mature lad and the fact he’s playing international cricket at this age. But the bottom line is he’s 16 years old and he’s playing. We don’t really care what India think.”

Naseem put his talent on display on the second day, and even dismissed opener David Warner for 56 before suffering a heartbreaking moment as replays showed that he had bowled a no-ball.

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2 thoughts on “Wasim slams people for questioning the age of Pakistan seamer Naseem Shah

    • Bewakoof, learn some good manners. Come out of the Madrassa & you will learn.
      Pakistan has got a history of cheating & in sports bit is common place for them. Please recall the number of over age players caught in U16, U 19,u21-22, ,etc & so on within Pakistan & internationally. Not just in Cricket, it is in Hockey & other games too.
      Naseem does bowl well. But the question is he really 16? The Pakistani system can manage his records now. But of what use?
      Just learn as to what is fascism. Going after non believers is what? Going after 72 whores is called..

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