Wasim Bari reveals the key to Pakistan finding future superstars

Wasim Bari believes Pakistan need to educate players about the importance of fitness in order to find future talents cricket

Wasim Bari: “There is a need to educate young players about how to attain [a high level of] fitness”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former wicketkeeper-batsman Wasim Bari believes that in order for Pakistan to unearth future talents, they must place a greater importance on fitness at the grassroots level.

Bari noted that in order for players to perform better on the field, they must be very fit and watch their diet as well.

In order to make youngsters understand about the importance of their fitness and diet, Bari noted that Pakistan needs to educate them about it.

“Players at grassroots [levels] are not aware of the importance of [their] diet [and] keeping themselves fit. There is a need to educate young players about how to attain [a high level of] fitness,” Bari told ARY Sports.

“It depends on a player [on] how he keeps himself fit to compete strongly on the field. It starts from your home, how you grew up. You need to take care of yourself and do hard work continuously. It is not something you will achieve overnight.”

Bari added that in the field, other teams are a lot more disciplined in comparison to Pakistan.

He noted that this was especially true during the World Cup.

“Our team dropped 17 catches which indeed hurt them a lot. Had they taken those catches, the situation might have been quite different,” he said. “See teams like New Zealand, they have a strong team culture. Pakistani players have skills but a strong team culture can make our team stronger.”

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