Guyana Amazon Warriors sign Malik

Shoaib Malik signed Guyana Amazon Warriors after five years with Barbados Tridents Caribbean Premier League CPL cricket

Shoaib Malik: “I’ve seen the squad and it’s well balanced”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan all-rounder Shoaib Malik will represent the Guyana Amazon Warriors in this year’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL).

In the last five years, Malik has played for the Barbados Tridents and even won a title with the franchise back in 2014.

When asked about the move, the 36-year-old was quoted by Cricbuzz as saying: “I’ve seen the squad and it’s well balanced, not just us, in other teams as well. Obviously, there are so many good cricketers and as a franchise you have the options even if you prefer some players but still, even if you don’t get that player you still have the option in other players.

“Obviously you want to see that you end up winning, and that’s what I want. I want to do well for my team, not just against Barbados, against the rest of the teams as well.”

With the conditions in Guyana having been compared to the sub-continent, Malik admitted that he will fully utilise it to his advantage.

“Guyana is more like you’re playing in the sub-continent I think,” he said. “But on that particular day performance is the key of any cricketer and that’s what I’m looking for.

“Obviously, if you’re playing for a new team the expectations are a lot from you. When they have seen someone that did well for a longer run the expectations are obviously high.”

Despite being excited about playing for a new team, Malik conceded that he will miss representing and being based in Barbados.

“No matter in what island you’re playing in, if you look at the people from the Caribbean, they’re loving people and they’re very entertaining,” he said. “It’s so much fun being in and playing in the Caribbean, not just in the CPL or if you’re playing any international series there. I’ve been playing there for the last five years for Barbados Tridents. I had so much fun in Barbados.

“Barbados is like even if I step out from the hotel, everyone recognises you. Mostly the hotels are on the beach and when you step out of the hotel or even to go on the beach, everyone recognises you. The hospitality is something which I’m going to miss.

“Being alone in Barbados, still you don’t feel as if you’re alone in Barbados. You have people around you and I think the whole five years is something which I’m going to miss, but I’m sure we’ll have a game in Barbados and that will cover some of my missing parts.”

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