New ICC constitution on track after BCCI outvoted

Manohar has been the driving force behind the new ICC constitution

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

A new International Cricket Council (ICC) constitution, which will spell the end of the Big Three era, is on track to be implemented after all the Full Members opted to outvote the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

The BCCI was the only member to voice their displeasure towards the new financial model, which will see them earn less revenue, and was one of two members, with the other being Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) to object to the governance changes.

The BCCI wanted to receive $570 million from the revenue the ICC got, but even after their demands were turned down, ICC chairman Shashank Manohar offered the board an increase of $100 million, which would have seen them get almost $400 million.

But, since the BCCI refused to budge, they will now earn $293 million in revenue from the ICC.

“The alternative left for them was to adopt the middle ground,” one official said. “It is INR 700 crore ($100 million), and they were told to consider hard before making a move.”

Another official added: “Shashank was trying to get them (BCCI) across the line, but they declined.”

As far as the new constitution goes, it is likely to be ratified and formally approved at the ICC’s annual conference in June.

Meanwhile, the ICC scrapped the proposal to take away Full Member status from countries if they failed to meet certain requirements as the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), Zimbabwe Cricket and SLC were against the idea.

But, one other resolution passed was the increase in votes regarding the ICC Board, where up till now, it has just been the 10 Full Member nations that can vote on decisions.

However, the new change will not only see the number of votes rise from 10 to 15, but also give three Associates, one independent female director, and the chairman the power to voice their opinions.

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