‘It’s terribly sad that’ Pietersen is not playing for England anymore, says Eoin Morgan

"I would love to be out here playing cricket for England with Kevin Pietersen"

“I would love to be out here playing cricket for England with Kevin Pietersen”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

England batsman Eoin Morgan has announced that “it’s terribly sad” that Kevin Pietersen is not representing his country anymore.

Morgan believes that Pietersen still has “his best years ahead of him” and added that he would “love to be there playing cricket for England” alongside him.

“It’s great having played with Kev and having him in the team and learning from him,” Morgan said. “It’s terribly sad that he’s not in the team at the moment considering he’s still so young and had potentially his best years still ahead of him.

“I would love to be out here playing cricket for England with Kevin Pietersen but the fact of the matter is he’s not involved anymore.”

Even though Morgan admitted that Pietersen had never been the most popular player in the dressing room, he stated that what really mattered was how the team performed on the pitch.

“Not everyone is popular in a cricket team,” Morgan said. “Everyone individually commands respect through their performance and there is trust and relationships that you build.

“But that’s absolutely fine. In every walk of life you make friends with people who other people aren’t friends with. Was it awkward being friends with him? Certainly not.”

Morgan also conceded that England bowlers have expressed their frustrations towards fielders in the past, but added that he “can’t remember if it went too far or not”.

“You’re certainly aware of things like that particularly when you don’t bowl and you’re a specialist fielder,” he said. “It’s a difficult one because you have a bowler who had maybe been hit for four or a catch dropped and it’s hard for him to disguise his emotion. There a bit of give and take with both sides.

“I can’t remember if it went too far or not. The issue was raised and it was dealt with.”

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