Chingoka resigns as chairman of Zimbabwe Cricket

Chingoka has been Zimbabwe Cricket's chairman since 1992

Chingoka has been Zimbabwe Cricket’s chairman since 1992

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Peter Chingoka has resigned as chairman of Zimbabwe Cricket following the board’s financial woes and recent player strike over non-payment of wages.

Chingoka has been chairman of Zimbabwe Cricket since 1992, but has faced numerous controversies over the years. In 2005, a few cricketers went on strike and refused to play until he stepped down.

However, despite his controversies, Chingoka was re-elected as chairman in April 2011.

Chingoka resigned during a board meeting in which Zimbabwe Cricket were looking to split the coaching and captaincy.

As of right now, vice-chairman Wilson Manase will assume of role of interim chairman.

Chingoka’s resignation also comes at a time where rumours have emerged that he and some of Zimbabwe Cricket’s other top officials used a $6 million loan from the International Cricket Council (ICC) to help enrich a bank in which they are all members of the board.

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