‘I believe strongly that sooner or later I will be back to form’, says Tamim Iqbal

"I am preparing myself in every way, and trying above my capability"

“I am preparing myself in every way, and trying above my capability”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Bangladesh opening batsman Tamim Iqbal has announced that he strongly believes he will regain his touch with the bat “sooner or later”.

Iqbal, who has been averaging a dismal 12.53 in 2014, is currently preparing for the upcoming three-match ODI series against India.

“I used to bat a lot back then [2008-09] and I am doing the same now. I mean, I am batting a lot,” Tamim said. “If it was something that could be fixed off the field, I would have done it by now. But it has to be done inside the field. I am preparing myself in every way, and trying above my capability. I believe strongly that sooner or later I will be back to form.”

Iqbal, who has not scored an ODI half-century since last October, also noted that he will not let his critics get the better of him.

“I don’t think I should answer this question,” he said. “Those who are questioning my position, they can tell you whether questioning my position is right or wrong. People can say what they like, I don’t get bothered. I have to accept it positively. I won’t come out in the media and ask people why they are writing such and such.”

Iqbal also revealed that he had not made any major changes to his batting style.

“I have not made any technical batting changes, and I have performed well with it,” he said. “It is also not right to change everything just because I haven’t scored in four to six games. I have made mistakes subconsciously, which is why I am now reviewing footage of my batting, and watching more videos in the nets.

“During the World T20, nothing was working. Afterwards, when I took the break, I really used it to sit back and realise what has gone wrong. When you do well in T20s, you are sure to be in top form. Everything goes right. But when you’re not in form, there isn’t enough time in T20s. Like everyone else, I went out and attacked, and it didn’t work. In ODIs, however, we will get the time, and I will try to spend more time in the wicket.”

Even though he has been working extremely hard to get back into form, Iqbal knows that once in a while, he has to take a step back and restrain his mind from getting bogged down with negative thoughts.

“I am a good student of the game,” he said. “I try to learn from everyone. Mahela Jayawardene once told us that when nothing is going well, do less and do the basics. When you’re playing well, do the maximum. I have gone back to my basics, and I am working on each and every shot.

“I personally feel that nobody would want to play with extra pressure. Why would anyone even want more pressure when there is already a lot of pressure? This is usually said about me after the 2012 Asia Cup when I was under a lot of pressure, and I scored four fifties. Just think what would have happened if it was the opposite?”

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