‘We’re trying to produce a typical Adelaide Oval pitch’, says Damian Hough

Image courtesy of: dailytelegraph.com.au

“From our end it’s going to take us time to get it exactly where we want it”

Damien Hough, who is the Adelaide Oval curator, has announced that he and his groundstaff are simply “trying to produce a typical Adelaide Oval pitch”, whereby it will be a batsman’s dream and spin later on into the match.

Hough was also quick to state that England captain Alastair Cook and his Australian counterpart Michael Clarke should not hesitate to bat first should they win the toss.

“We’re trying to produce a typical Adelaide Oval pitch, something that is going to be good to bat on and something that will hopefully spin as the game goes on,” Hough said. “We think it’s pretty close to what we have had in previous years, it might be a little bit slower this year being brand new, but we think talking to the keeper here in South Australia, Tim Ludeman, he thinks the bounce and carry is pretty close.”

Since the Adelaide Oval re-opened in October this year, there have been two high-scoring Sheffield Shield draws.

An astounding 2,523 runs were scored in both those matches combined.

“At the end of the day you’re just trying to produce a pitch that is a typical Adelaide Oval pitch,” Hough added. “So from our end it’s going to take us time to get it exactly where we want it, there’s no doubt about it.

“They (drop-in pitches) behave slightly differently, they’re reacting differently but it’s the same clay we’re using, the same grass variety and we keep learning and reviewing what we do and do our best to maintain the characteristics that we’re used to here in Adelaide.

“Everyone has just got to realise it’s brand new, it absolutely brand new…and it’s going to get better the more we work them and the more we use them.”

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