Warner’s criticism of Trott was ‘disrespectful’, says Alastair Cook

Image courtesy of: The Telegraph

England are hoping Warner will be charged under the ICC Code of Conduct for his comments about Trott

England captain Alastair Cook has lashed out at Australia opening batsman David Warner, stating that his comments about Jonathan Trott being “pretty poor and pretty weak” were extremely “disrespectful”.

While sledging was incorporated by both teams during Australia’s whopping 381-run win in the first Ashes Test in Brisbane, Cook believes the baggy greens went overboard with what they said, especially when Australia captain Michael Clarke was overheard on the stump mic saying that James Anderson was about to get his arm broken.

Speaking about the incident, Clarke insisted that sledging was purely part of the game and added that there is a “mutual respect” between both sides.

“I cop as much as I give,” Clarke said. “I have had a lot worse. There is not one person in the England team that we have a personal vendetta against.

“There is always banter on the field, especially when Australia and England are playing one another. They are two teams that always play tough, hard-fought cricket. There’s plenty on the field that you don’t hear on stump mic that’s meant to stay on the field. Through my career I’ve heard a lot worse said on the field than any of the Australian players or England players said throughout this Test match.

“You don’t get to No. 1 in the world like they have done without playing successful cricket over a long period of time. The respect is certainly there, the banter is no different to what I’ve experienced over my career. We all respect the game, the traditions and the history of the game, and Australia versus England has always been competitive no matter which team’s won.”

Cook and the rest of the England squad are now eagerly awaiting to see whether match referee Jeff Crowe decides to charge Warner under the International Cricket Council (ICC) Code of Conduct for his comments about Trott.

If Warner is charged, it will be under Article 2.1.7 and 2.2.3, which relate to “public criticism of, or inappropriate comment in relation to an incident occurring in an international match or any player, player support personnel, match official or team participating in any international match, irrespective of when such criticism or inappropriate comment is made.”

Cook stated that words being exchanged on the pitch is fine as it is an everyday occurrence, but added that Warner crossed the line by criticising Trott in his post-match press conference.

“On the pitch it’s pretty much a war,” he said. “There are always going to be a few words. That’s the way people want to watch cricket being played: tough, hard cricket. On the pitch is fine.”

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