Kenya captain receives two-match ban for slapping team-mate

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Obuya was given a two-match ban for assaulting his team-mate

Kenya captain Collins Obuya has been handed a two-match ban for slapping team-mate Irfan Karim during the seventh and final unofficial Twenty20 International against Sri Lanka A in Colombo.

Karim, who is Kenya’s wicketkeeper, was given a one-match ban for undisciplined behaviour.

The incident occurred in the Colombo Cricket Club dressing room when rain stopped play.

It is understood that Karim took a swing at Obuya when being issued an order.

After being confronted by Obuya, Karim allegedly told his captain to do whatever he wanted, which was when Obuya slapped Karim across the face.

Following the incident, Kenya coach Robin Brown demanded that both players reconcile.

Obuya apologised immediately, but Karim refused to do so, stating that he had done nothing wrong.

“The Board’s Decision is an affront to justice,” Karim told China news agency Xinhua. “This was an incident of assault and the punishment is stated in the rules of the International Cricket Council.”

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