‘We all want the match to happen as we’re trailing 2-1’, says Ravindra Jadeja

Image courtesy of: The Indian Express

“If this match doesn’t happen, then we have to win the remaining two matches”

With the fifth ODI between India and Australia in Cuttack more than likely to be called off due to heavy rain, India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has announced that he and the rest of his team-mates “want the match to happen as we’re trailing 2-1”.

Furthermore, if the match is called off, then India have to win the last two matches in order to clinch the ODI series.

“We all want the match to happen as we’re trailing 2-1,” Jadeja said. “There’s not too much pressure as such. If this match doesn’t happen, then we have to win the remaining two matches.

“The conditions are not in our hands and we can’t do anything about the rain. But we will try our best to win the remaining matches. This is a home series, so we’ll also get help from the conditions in all the venues.”

According to reports, veteran all-rounder Yuvraj Singh was seen wearing a bandage.

When asked if the injury he had sustained was serious, Jadeja said: “No, I don’t think there’s anything serious. Everyone was playing football. I don’t think there should be any major injury. Everyone is fit and we all worked hard in the nets.”

Jadeja is determined to clinch this series as India have been winning streak ever since the Champions Trophy in June.

“In the last 12-18 months we have won all series,” he said. “[We] Won in England, West Indies and Zimbabwe.

“With so much cricket, one or two matches will slip. We have chased well twice (in this series) — in the one-off Twenty20 and in ODI in Jaipur (where India chased down 360 runs). So it’s not as if we are playing badly, but it’s just that in one or two matches, due to panic and wrong shot selection, or confusion, the results didn’t go our way.

“In the last match we got a good start and took three wickets.”

Despite admitting that it was “tough for spinners” to adjust to the new ODI rules, Jadeja noted that there was no point complaining since the rules affected and applied to everyone.

“Obviously its tough for spinners,” he said. “If batsmen are set in the middle overs, then it is very easy for them. But that rule is there for all, it’s not as if it’s just for us. All spinners have to face it all over the world. We have to play accordingly and keep that in mind whenever we are bowling.

“We practice in the nets like that and we have to prepare ourselves to bowl that way in the match too.

“I don’t think the ball matters to spinners as much as the wicket. If the wicket offers help and is turning, then it doesn’t matter if it’s a new ball or an old ball. If you’re getting something from the wicket, you can be playing in England or Australia or India, and the newness of the ball won’t matter to spinners.

“We have to keep in mind things like having five fielders inside the circle always. We have to decide who has to be inside, who has to bowl to which batsman and what the situation is.

“If there’s a new batsman at the crease we can keep all five, or even six, in the ring, but if the batsmen are set, then it becomes tough to decide which fielders to keep inside. We have to see which are his strong areas where he can hit the ball, and make a game plan accordingly.”

Australia all-rounder Shane Watson recently stated that India had no clue on how to play left-arm pace bowler Mitchell Johnson’s bouncers, but Jadeja was quick to dismiss Watson’s comments.

“I don’t think anyone is not comfortable against bounce,” Jadeja said. “As I said, we beat England in England. In fact, we beat all the top teams — Sri Lanka, Pakistan, South Africa.

“It’s not as if we can’t play bounce well or do well only in India. It’s just that in one or two matches, the batting collapses sometimes. I don’t think it’s anything we need to think about too much.”

Jadeja also revealed that the Barabati Staidum in Cuttack had been his lucky ground.

“I’ve played three of four matches here and done well every time,” he said. “I took four wickets and made a triple century also. I did well in the Deodhar Trophy also and scored a fast fifty. So it’s been good. I’ll just stick to the routines I’ve followed and won’t try anything different.”

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