A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: Nannes believes the IPL has benefited international cricket

Nannes feels as if the IPL has had a positive impact on international cricket

Australian pace bowler, Dirk Nannes believes the Indian Premier League (IPL) has benefited international players by giving them a good learning experience.

Nannes, who is currently playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, also feels as if the tournament is having a positive impact on the international cricketing world.

Speaking to reporters at the PCA stadium, Nannes said: “IPL is a good opportunity to talk to other players. As a bowler, I am talking to batsmen. I think IPL is a good learning experience. With people collaborating with each other at various levels, I feel it has improved world cricket over the last few years.”

Nannes, who is a veteran of 142 Twenty20 Internationals, also said that even though he has not played a single game for Bangalore, he would remain positive.

“It can be frustrating (at not getting a game), but you got to come in this tournament with an air of patience. You realise there are so many good players around, so many international players. The tournament is so long that you will get a game eventually,” he said.

Nannes has refused to let the situation demoralise him, and added: “One would be upset and angry at not getting a game, but that’s not what I am thinking about. I stay very positive.”

The left arm pace bowler also hopes that the franchise can maintain its consistency and hopefully be crowned the champions of the 2012 IPL.

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