A BATTING WITH BIMAL BREAKING REPORT: IPL television ratings dropping in comparison to last year

Pollard’s inspiring fightback against the Royals is the highest rated match so far

The Indian Premier League (IPL) television ratings have fallen in comparison to the same period last year, however observers have stated that it is still a “very successful media property”.

But, the observers have also noted that the IPL is a victim of its own initial success, hence the fall in television ratings.

In the first 16 games of this year’s IPL, the average Televison Viewer Ratings (TVR) stood at 3.65, which is a 8.75 per cent drop from the same time last year, where there was an average of 4.00.

Furthermore, according to TAM sports, which is a part of TAM Media Research, the total number of people tuning in for the tournament has declined from 127.40 million to 122.44 million, which is a decline of three per cent.

However, even with the fall in ratings and viewers, the tournament still remains a massive hit, as it was one of the top five highest rated shows from April 8 to April 14.

The IPL match which drew in the most viewers was between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals, in which Kieron Pollard led an amazing comeback for the Indians.

According to Santosh Desai, brand analyst and managing director of Future Brands, the major problem of the IPL is that it was too overpriced to begin with, since so many people have been trying to continually make money off the success it has had.

Desai, also believes that some non-cricketing viewers who did tune in for the IPL last year, have returned back to watching shows that they have an interest in.

“The moment you decide to watch the IPL, you decide not to watch something else. So I think what you are seeing is a tipping of the balance back and a return to normal programming by the non-cricketing audience,” he said.

Hiren Pandit, Managing Partner-Entertainment, Sports and Partnerships at Group M, thinks that the ratings for the IPL will continue to improve because of the number of close matches there have been, and he also expects the quality of the games to only get better, which he believes will draw in more viewers as well.

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