Don’t have a weakness outside off-stump, Pakistan entertainer who can light up any game says

Pakistan batsman Sharjeel Khan said he doesn't have a weakness outside off-stump

Pakistan batsman Sharjeel Khan: “I don’t think there is any such problem for me – if you look at the 8 first-class QeA matches, I don’t recall being out playing any ball which was outside my off-stump”

Image courtesy of: Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistan opening batsman Sharjeel Khan made it clear that he doesn’t have a weakness outside his off-stump.

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He has a slight technical problem outside off-stump, Hussain points out Pakistan batsman’s flaw

Nasser Hussain said Babar Azam has a slight technical flaw outside off-stump

Nasser Hussain: “He does have a slight technical problem in the area just outside off stump, a little bit like Kohli had when he first came to England and he was found out”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former England captain Nasser Hussain has pointed out that Pakistan batsman and limited overs skipper Babar Azam has a slight technical problem outside off-stump.

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