Shaw suspended until November 15 for doping violation

Prithvi Shaw suspended until November 15 for doping violation India cricket

Prithvi Shaw will be allowed to return on November 15

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

India batsman Prithvi Shaw has been suspended for eight months for a doping violation, but he will be allowed to return on November 15.

According to a release by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the 19-year-old, who scored a century on his Test debut against the West Indies in October 2018, “inadvertently ingested a prohibited substance, which can be commonly found in cough syrups”.

Shaw tested positive for Terbutaline after providing a urine sample when Mumbai took on Punjab in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on February 22.

“Terbutaline, a specified substance, is prohibited both In & Out of Competition in the WADA Prohibited List of Substances,” the release said as quoted by ESPNcricinfo.

Shaw was charged on July 16 under the BCCI Anti-Doping Rules (ADR) and while he admitted to it, he explained that it was “inadvertent, being caused by his ingestion of the over the counter cough syrup he had taken for his cough”.

The BCCI was “satisfied” with Shaw’s explanation that he had tested positive for “Terbutaline inadvertently to treat a Respiratory Tract Infection and not as a performance-enhancing drug”.

After seeking “expert external advice”, the BCCI decided that a “period of ineligibility of eight months should apply, together with disqualification of certain results”.

“Because Mr. Shaw promptly admitted his ADRV upon being confronted with it by the BCCI, there is discretion under BCCI ADR Article 10.10.2 to back-date the start of the period of Ineligibility to the date of sample collection (22nd February 2019). However, the BCCI ADR Article 10.10.2 also requires Mr. Shaw to actually serve one half of the period of ineligibility. Therefore, further to BCCI ADR Article 10.10.2, the eight-month period of Ineligibility will be deemed to have started to run on 16th March 2019, so that it will end at midnight on 15th November 2019,” the release said.

Shaw will be permitted to train with his state team and use the training facilities at any club associated with the BCCI after midnight on September 15.

“Under BCCI ADR Article 10.11.2 a Cricketer may return to train with a team or to use the facilities of a club or other member organisation of a Signatory’s member organisation during the shorter of: (i) the last two months of the Cricketer’s period of Ineligibility; or (ii) the last one-quarter of the period of Ineligibility imposed,” the release said.

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