Pakistan legend Shahid Afridi makes unbelievable claim about Babar Azam

Shahid Afridi believes Babar Azam can become as big and good of a player as Virat Kohli Pakistan India cricket

Shahid Afridi: “It is my hope that Babar Azam will becomes a bigger player like Virat Kohli”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Legendary Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi believes that batsman Babar Azam will become as big of a player as India captain Virat Kohli.

Azam has made scores of 22, 63, 30 and 48 in the World Cup, while Kohli has scored 18, 82 and 77.

While Kohli is well ahead of Azam in terms of his batting and runs scored in each format, Afridi is confident that the 24-year-old can become as good as the Indian skipper.

“At this point you have only one player who is playing with consistency and that is Babar Azam,” he was quoted as saying by PakPassion. “It is my hope that Babar Azam will becomes a bigger player like Virat Kohli.

“But he wont become that player if he plays 50-60 balls , scores 50-60 runs but doesn’t help Pakistan win the game.

“He needs to play long innings, you have the example of Indian players – whenever they score runs, they play long innings.

“[It] all depends on your thinking and also on what kind of coaching is being done for the player.”

Pakistan’s next World Cup match will be against South Africa at Lord’s on Sunday.

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