Pakistan players reveals teammates’ secrets, including who always asks for upgrades on flights

Pakistan players reveal teammates' secrets World Cup cricket

Pakistan seamer Hasan Ali on Mohammad Amir constantly asking for upgrades on flights: “Amir bhai asks for it every single time, but he never gets it”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed, opener Imam-ul-Haq, pace bowler Hasan Ali and all-rounder Shoaib Malik dished the dirt about their teammates ahead of the World Cup.

Speaking to the International Cricket Council, the players were asked to reveal secrets about their teammates.

When asked who was the selfie king in the team, Sarfraz immediately patted Imam on the back, while Malik felt everyone in the team was guilty of taking pictures of themselves.

Sarfraz, Imam and Hasan all picked Malik as the person to enjoy romantic comedies the most.

As for the worst roommate, Imam chose batsman Babar Azam, while Malik picked left-arm seamer Wahab Riaz.

When it came to who googles themselves the most, Imam and Sarfraz chose each other while Malik admitted Azam was guilty of that.

Sarfraz, Imam and Hasan unanimously voted for head coach Mickey Arthur when asked who is the grumpiest person every morning.

Meanwhile, the trio and Malik conceded that left-arm seamer Mohammad Amir constantly asks for upgrades on flights.

“Amir bhai asks for it every single time, but he never gets it,” Hasan was quoted as saying by The News International.

In regards to the worst taste in music, Sarfraz said: “Faheem Ashraf listens to the most pointless songs.”

Malik picked opening batsman Fakhar Zaman, saying “his songs are always in Pashto so we never understand anything”.

Imam picked Azam as the worst dancer, while he also selected Hasan as being the person guilty of singing karaoke. However, Malik picked Imam in the karaoke category and also said that the 23-year-old is the player most addicted to his phone.

As for being late to boarding the team bus, Sarfraz immediately picked Imam, who sheepishly admitted that he was guilty of it.Β Malik also chose the opening batsman.

On the person who is constantly in the gym, Sarfraz, Hasan and Imam chose batting coach Grant Flower, while Malik said: “All of us.”

Pakistan will begin their World Cup campaign against the West Indies in Nottingham on Friday.