Moin Khan reveals the key to Pakistan winning the World Cup

Moin Khan Pakistan must have self-belief in order to have a chance of winning the World Cup cricket

Moin Khan: “Self-belief is a must, it will be key”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former Pakistan captain Moin Khan has noted that the national team will need to have “self-belief” throughout the World Cup in order to win it.

Pakistan have struggled in ODIs this year as they were beaten 3-2 by South Africa and whitewashed 5-0 by Australia.

In the recently concluded five-match ODI series against England, Pakistan lost 4-0.

However, Moin pointed out that if Pakistan have the confidence that they can beat any team at the World Cup and maintain a fearless attitude and mindset, they could have a strong campaign and even lift the coveted trophy.

“Self-belief is a must, it will be key,” Moin told “You will have to keep yourself on top. Go with the confidence that you’re the best and you can beat any team in the world and when you have this confidence, you start playing with passion and the performance comes automatically.”

Pakistan will now play two World Cup warm-up games against Afghanistan and Bangladesh in Bristol and Cardiff on May 24 and 26 respectively.

They will then begin their World Cup campaign against the West Indies in Nottingham on May 31.

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