Does a rift still exist between Wahab and Arthur?

Wahab Riaz refuses to talk about whether there is still a rift between him and Mickey Arthur Pakistan cricket

Wahab Riaz on Mickey Arthur: “I will not talk about the past”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan left-arm seamer Wahab Riaz refused to reveal whether he still holds a grudge against head coach Mickey Arthur.

Earlier this year, Arthur said Wahab was not selected for the tours of Ireland and England since “he has not won us a game in two years”.

Arthur also questioned Wahab’s work ethic, saying: “His work ethic around training is something needs to be looked at. I am changing the culture in this Pakistan environment and I am not interested in players doing just the bare minimum.”

When asked about Arthur’s comments, Wahab told “I will not talk about the past. Obviously, as a coach Arthur demands a certain level of performance which I’m not fulfilling at the moment although I’m trying my best to meet his standards.”

Pressed further on his fitness levels, Wahab said he has never endured any problems in that aspect. However, he vowed to become fitter in order to adhere to the strict standards that have been set for the national team.

“I have never experienced fitness issues throughout my career. I’m completely focused on my training and I’ve kept myself very fit,” he said. “Obviously, I’m working even harder on that and when I will get off after the season, I will work on it even more and will be fitter than ever.”

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