Azhar Ali opens up about bizarre run out

Azhar Ali shares thoughts on bizarre run out Pakistan Australia 2nd Test Abu Dhabi cricket

Azhar Ali: “I can’t explain it, I can’t give any excuses, it was just one of those time where you don’t concentrate enough”

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

Pakistan batsman Azhar Ali has taken full responsibility after he was run out in bizarre fashion on the third day of the second Test against Australia in Abu Dhabi.

Azhar edged a delivery from Australia seamer Peter Siddle to the vacant third man region, but thought that the ball would reach the boundary.

Instead, the ball slowed down and Mitchell Starc collected it before throwing it to Australia captain and wicketkeeper Tim Paine, who proceeded to run Azhar out for 64.

When asked about the incident, Azhar admitted that it was a huge error in judgment and a lapse in concentration.

“You probably won’t see it again. I can’t explain it, I can’t give any excuses, it was just one of those time where you don’t concentrate enough or watch the ball enough,” he was quoted as saying by the International Cricket Council’s website. “The way the ball was travelling I thought it had gone for four but I never looked at the ball again and that was my downfall.

“I saw Starc throwing the ball but I thought he was just throwing it from the outside (of the field), he threw it hard and the ‘keeper started coming towards the stumps which I did find funny and thought that something strange was happening and when it did happen it was a kind of shock and also too late. It was disappointing but now we can see the funny side of it and I’m sure people will see it a lot on the internet.”

Azhar also made it clear that it was not bad sportsmanship on Australia’s part as it was his fault that he got run out.

“They did the right thing,” he said. “No one came in my way, no one tried to distract me from anything, they found the opportunity with our lack of concentration and lack of watching the ball and thinking too far ahead that it had gone to the boundary because I felt that the outfield was slow. We didn’t think that the ball would stop, but the Australians did the right thing. It’s my fault.”

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