Australia cancel Bangladesh series

Australia cancel home series against Bangladesh cricket

Australia’s series against Bangladesh was supposed to consist of two Tests and three ODIs

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Australia will not host Bangladesh for two Tests and three ODIs later this year due to the timing of the series and financial reasons.

The series was scheduled to be held in August to September, which would have been Bangladesh’s first tour Down Under since 2003. However, the country’s free-to-air broadcasters are supposedly reluctant to televise the series since it clashes with the football season.

According to ESPNcricinfo, Bangladesh have suggested holding the series at an alternative venue after the 2019 World Cup.

“We have proposed some options and are now waiting for their response,” Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury said.

Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland insisted that the cancellation of the series was mainly due to the timing of it.

“The way in which everything works in cricket is that it’s really at the home team’s discretion to work things out as to how much they want to host and what they want to host,” Sutherland had told ESPNcricinfo earlier this year. “There’s obviously an element of reciprocity between what we do, we do that with England, India South Africa.

“We commit to content in other parts of the world under the previous or current cycle, every six years you are at least committed to playing away, but we don’t have to play at home or we can vary the programme at home according to our needs and I think we just got squeezed a little bit.

“To be honest it hasn’t been a great success, playing in the past as we have in northern Australia. Even more so now with the rise of the profile of the football codes, particularly NRL and AFL, it just means we get swamped and it doesn’t make sense. Besides the huge cost to play up there and getting broadcasters and what have you to pick it up, just makes it difficult.”

Despite this, Sutherland made it clear that if Australia are grouped with Bangladesh when the Test Championship gets underway in the second half of 2019, they will fully commit to any series.

“If we get drawn to play [Bangladesh], and we’re drawn to play it at home, once you’re in a championship situation, the context puts you in a position of wanting to win every game and needing the points and not compromising,” he said. “So you need to play at home and to try to win because those points count for something that at the end of the day might really matter to finishing one or two and qualifying for the final.”

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