Teams to no longer lose review for umpire’s call

Reviews will no longer he lost for decisions that are umpire’s call

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Starting from October 1, teams will keep hold of their review if the Decision Review System (DRS) shows it to be umpire’s call.

This was just one of the recommendations the ICC chief executives’ committee approved on Friday from a number of suggestions that were made by the ICC cricket committee in May.

As a result of reviews not being lost for umpire’s call, teams will no longer have their reviews restored after 80 overs in a Test match.

The DRS will also be used in Twenty20 Internationals, while every series will have to at least have the ball-tracking and edge-detection technology in use.

Meanwhile, the bat size restrictions of 108mm in width, 67mm in depth and 40mm at the edge will also be implemented from October 1.

Given that “all Members agreed to implement this in full”, umpires will now have the power to send players off for severe incidents of misconduct while on the field.

Finally, batsmen can breathe a sigh of relief as they will no longer be run out if their bat goes up in the air after they have grounded it past the crease.

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