What major decisions were taken at the ICC’s meeting in Dubai?

Afghanistan are approaching ever closer to becoming a Full Member nation

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After meeting to discuss about a host of issues, the International Cricket Council (ICC) announced some major changes to the game.

  • Each format will now be given more context as the ICC approved a two-year Test league, a 13-team ODI league and a regional qualification system for the World Twenty20, which could be implemented as early as 2019.


  • A new governance and finance model was met with approval by 10 of the 13 ICC Board members. In 2014, India, England and Australia formed what is known as the ‘Big Three’ and had control over a lot of the decisions made. They also gained a larger share of the revenue, while the rest was split amongst the other cricket boards. India voiced their opposition to the new model, as did Sri Lanka. Zimbabwe, meanwhile, opted not to vote on the matter.


  • The Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) have agreed to ensure that DRS is used in all formats of the game and also confirmed that the review system will be brought into play in Twenty20 Internationals, whereby each side will have one review.


  • The CEC also announced the implementation of a demerit points system for grounds and pitches that receive a poor rating. If a ground receives a demerit point, it will stay in effect for five years. If a venue accumulates five demerit points, it will lead to a 12-month suspension.


  • Super Overs will take place in the Champions Trophy and Women’s World Cup, but only if a tie occurs in the semi-finals or final.


  • Afghanistan have taken one step closer to receiving Full Member status as their Ahmad Shah Abdali Regional Four-Day Tournament was granted first class status, while their Shpageeza T20 League was given List A status.


  • The 2020 Women’s World Twenty20 will take place in Australia from February 21 to March 8.


  • An ICC Medical Advisory Committee will be created in order to “consider and advise on sports medicine and sports science issues”.

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