Peter Moor: The lack of Test cricket and touring nations is killing Zimbabwe cricket

"No doubt that the lack of Test cricket is a serious issue we must address"

“No doubt that the lack of Test cricket is a serious issue we must address”

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Zimbabwe is currently at a crossroads in international cricket, whereby our Test exposure is dwindling and the number of teams touring the country is on the decline. Something must be done about the situation we are currently facing as it is important for us to still be involved in the longest format of the game rather than be shunned and only included in limited overs games.

Zimbabwe should certainly be playing more tests. It’s a massive frustration for us players that we are so deprived of Test cricket. The second game in the recent series against New Zealand was only our second test match in 14 months.

Despite this we were very competitive and there was already a massive improvement from the first test of that series, which we lost by an innings and 117 runs.

No doubt that the lack of Test cricket is a serious issue we must address and I feel it is up to our governing board to take the responsibility and push for Zimbabwe to get more Tests. As the players we were very grateful that New Zealand came to play us on their way to South Africa, I would like to see all Test-playing teams touring South Africa to stop and play us on their way there.

In a cricketing sense it would be hugely beneficial for both sides. That being said, we need to be more competitive to encourage more teams to want to come and play us. It’s hard when we play so few test matches, but for now we just have to be content with what we have.

The upcoming series against Sri Lanka will be a huge opportunity for us to be competitive. They have come off a great series against Australia and if we can do well against them, I would like to hope the world will start to take note of Zimbabwe as a good Test-playing nation again. We certainly have the players to do so, it’s just a case of desperately needing more experience in this format.

Column by Peter Moor

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