Fitch-Holland: I never asked Vincent to lie

Fitch-Holland denies perverting the course of justice

Fitch-Holland denies perverting the course of justice

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Barrister Andrew Fitch-Holland, who is a co-defendant in the Chris Cairns perjury trial, denied asking former New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent to provide a false statement during the Lalit Modi libel trial in 2012.

Cairns sued Modi for libel after the former Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman accused him of match-fixing via Twitter in January 2010.

During the trial, Vincent was allegedly coaxed into providing a false witness statement and Cairns subsequently went on to win £90,000 in damages.

When prosecutor Sasha Wass QC questioned Fitch-Holland about a Skype call he had with Vincent, which the latter secretly recorded, at Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday, Fitch-Holland continued to deny that he had told Vincent to lie in court.

“You knew Mr Vincent was part of Chris Cairns’ match-fixing posse,” Wass said.

Fitch-Holland replied: “No, that’s not right.”

However, Wass insisted that Fitch-Holland knew that the match-fixing allegations against Cairns were true.

“What you were saying there is you’re sharing with Mr Vincent that both of you accept that some of what Mr Modi was saying was true,” she said.

Responding to her comments, Fitch-Holland said: “I said some of what he said was true but a lot of it made no sense at all.”

When Wass accused Fitch-Holland of putting “an elaborate explanation forward”, Fitch-Holland said: “I’m not lying about this or any other matter in this case.”

Wass replied: “This couldn’t be clearer, you’re asking again (for Mr Vincent) to say ‘from where you were standing everything seemed okay’. It was described by Mr Vincent as a big ask and he makes it plain to you that ‘from where I was standing everything was not okay’.”

Fitch-Holland responded by saying: “I took that to mean that Lou was agreeing that the games themselves were questionable. I wasn’t asking Mr Vincent to make a false statement at all.”

Fitch-Holland added that Vincent was a “self-confessed liar and a cheat” before saying: “I hope I would be believed over him.”

The trial continues.

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