Smith: Tour of India will not be easy

"This could be the defining period for this team"

“This could be the defining period for this team”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Former South Africa captain Graeme Smith believes that the Proteas will be in for a tough challenge during their upcoming tour of India, which starts next month.

Smith pointed out that the four-Test series will be particularly difficult as the team will constantly be on the move and will have to overcome tough conditions that the Indian national team are known to excel in. In addition to four Tests, the tour will also consist of five ODIs and three Twenty20 Internationals.

Furthermore, Smith is worried about the state the South African team will be in after the tour of India as they will host England on home soil for four Tests, five ODIs and two Twenty20 Internationals as soon as they return from the Sub-continent.

“I’m a bit nervous. It’s a tough tour for us and this is a big season for South African cricket with the Indian tour and the English tour later this year,” Smith told The Times. “This could be the defining period for this team.

“Four Test matches in India are not going to be easy, especially because it involves a lot of travelling, a lot of people and the conditions are going to spin.

“I’m holding thumbs that everything will go well. If we have a good Indian tour, I think we’ll then do very well against the English.

“Our record of not losing a Test series away from home since 2006 has been incredible. Hopefully these guys will keep going and keep doing us proud.”

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