Mukondiwa and Makoni’s vehicles impounded

Zimbabwe have struggled both on and off the field

Zimbabwe Cricket’s financial woes continue to spiral out of control

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Zimbabwe Cricket’s debt problems have always been a major issue, but it became even worse when managing director Wilfred Mukondiwa and selector Givemore Makoni’s vehicles were impounded by the deputy sheriff in Harare.

Mukondiwa and Makoni’s vehicles were seized, along with the Outside Broadcast van, since they are currently involved in a labour dispute with former employee Andrew Muzamhindo, who claims that the board owes him more than US$100,000.

Muzamhindo worked for Zimbabwe Cricket for three years and was in charge of their public relations, media and sponsorship departments.

However, he left in 2008 when he launched an arbitration case against the board since they failed to pay him his money.

The case started out in the Labour Court, but Zimbabwe Cricket appealed about it at the High Court, who ended up ruling in Muzamhindo’s favour.

“Justice always catches up with you, no matter how long it takes,” Muzamhindo told the Daily News. “All I want is what’s due to me. I don’t have anything against ZC. It’s unfortunate some people personalised the issue, they failed to separate between personal and business issues.”

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