No spicy food for Indian team during tour of Australia

None of the Indian players will be allowed to eat beef or pork

None of the Indian players will be allowed to eat beef or pork

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According to a report published on, the Indian team have requested no spicy food at all during their upcoming tour of Australia.

In fact, the national team have even got their own private chef to ensure that their dietary requirements are met.

In the long list of nutritional requirements, only mild curries, such as butter chicken, can be served to the team throughout their tour in the Land Down Under. In addition to this, “No spicy foods” was written across the front of the document in large red font.

The Indian team have also come up with an all-day venue menu, which includes chicken, roast lamb, smoked salmon, low-fat cheese and snacks such as raw nuts, muffins, energy bars and cookies.

Furthermore, when the team arrives at the ground, their breakfast should consist of scrambled and poached eggs, grilled mushrooms, baked beans, yoghurt and whole fruits. For lunch, the team will get grilled chicken and fish, butter chicken (mild), steamed rice, subzi (dry vegetable curry) and steamed vegetables.

The document also states that hot dishes must be served at more than 60 degrees Celsius and cold food below five degrees Celsius.

“All utensils should look clean and have no food or anything else visible,” the document adds. “All staff must wash their hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water.

“Utensils must be sanitised in a dishwasher at high heat and must be dried before use, with air drying the best method.

“Any foods not on the list must be approved by team management before they are provided to athletes.”

England implemented a similar kind of special diet for all their players during the Ashes series in Australia in December-January, but it ended up with them being whitewashed 5-0.

As of right now, it is too early to say whether the same thing will happen to the Indians.

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