SLC launches independent inquiry to investigate sexual misconduct allegations

"So far we have not had any accusations"

“So far we have not had any accusations”

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Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) have announced that they will be launching an independent inquiry in order to investigate the sexual misconduct allegations surrounding officials in the country’s women’s team.

The decision to launch an independent inquiry was taken after the local media reported that members of the women’s team were forced to perform sexual favours in order to keep hold of their place in the team.

SLC CEO Ashley de Silva revealed that the investigation will begin in two days and will be conducted by a female lawyer who has significant experience in dealing with sexual harassment cases.

“The inquiry would be carried out by one person – a lawyer – with an assistant,” de Silva said. “This would be only the preliminary investigation. Based on the report, the executive committee will make a decision on the way forward – whether we need to have another committee to carry out an inquiry or not.

“To be fair by all the parties, it’s necessary for us to carry out an independent inquiry – to clear the names of some people, if they’re not guilty of something. So far we have not had any accusations.”

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