No one pressurised Misbah into missing the third ODI, says Shaharyar Khan

Ul-Haq has said that he will only captain Pakistan in the World Cup if he regains his touch with the bat

Ul-Haq has said that he will only captain Pakistan in the World Cup if he regains his touch with the bat

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan has insisted that no one pressurised captain Misbah-ul-Haq into missing the third ODI against Australia in Abu Dhabi.

Khan also revealed that the PCB will let ul-Haq decide whether he wants to captain Pakistan in the 2015 World Cup.

“Misbah-ul-Haq decided that he needed a break from the rather depressing scores he has had in SL as well as here,” Khan said. “The management also agreed that if he wants to sit this out, it is his own decision. No one coerced him into doing this. He himself decided that this is the right time for him to take a break and see if he can recover in the Tests.”

Khan also noted that ul-Haq decided to miss the third ODI since he was not happy with the way he performed in the first and second ODI.

“He is a human being, he is depressed at the fact that he hasn’t been scoring and when you don’t score and you are a skipper the whole team suffers,” Khan said. “So what I found very noble on his part is that he said, ‘The day I get an idea that the team is suffering because of me, then I will say myself, let me go. But I have hopes right now that I can recover from this, and show my mettle. Every batsman comes to this.'”

The PCB chairman also revealed that ul-Haq told him that he will only captain Pakistan in the 2015 World Cup if he regains his touch with the bat.

“I or the management have not influenced Misbah to step down,” Khan said. “He has done it on his own, he is determined to return. I had a half hour chat with him. He says if I am back to form I would like to lead in the World Cup. I said, ‘We appointed you till the World Cup.’ We were criticised for it and we will be now even more as he has not scored runs.

“But we remain totally firm that we have put our bandwagon behind him and he will lead. If you yourself think your leadership will not deliver, then it is up to you. We will not push you. This is the view of all three of us – Waqar [Younis, coach] and Moin [Khan, chief selector], and I have told Misbah this. So this is where we stand. He is determined to put things right, if he does he is back. We have considered other names of course as a contingency but it is up to him.”

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