Pakistan can use Bangladesh for their home games, says Nazmul Hassan

"We maintained that if the ICC can't send match officials, we won't send the team"

“We maintained that if the ICC can’t send match officials, we won’t send the team”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) chairman Nazmul Hassan has announced that Pakistan can use Bangladesh to host ‘home’ games in the future.

Hassan’s comments come after Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan urged him to send the national team to Pakistan for a series.

However, Hassan stated that unless the International Cricket Council (ICC) agrees to send officials for all the matches, the national team will not be travelling to Pakistan.

“We didn’t talk much about lower-level teams but I spoke to him about the national team,” Hassan said. “We maintained that if the ICC can’t send match officials, we won’t send the team. I have clarified this from the start. In terms of our academies, we have a long-term agreement with the PCB so we will look into that as well.

“He said he will look into the matter [of sending Pakistan players for DPL and BPL]. I said we don’t have a problem even if they don’t come. Also, because we spoke for very little time, we discussed the possibility of considering Bangladesh as a neutral venue, which will be cheaper for them. It will improve our relationship. We have beautiful stadiums – all ICC-approved – so Bangladesh can be an option.”

But, Khan went as far as saying that the BCB can even choose where they want to play in Pakistan if they decide to let the national team tour the country.

“I have had a very positive and fruitful exchange with the BCB president and his colleagues,” Khan said. “I endorse entirely what he has said. Let us see if we can move forward in various directions. I feel we could do with schoolboys, academy, university, women’s and A teams. We can invite any one or more of these teams to Pakistan. You will see for yourself the situation in Pakistan.

“If it is not good in Peshawar, we will not take you to Peshawar. If it is not perfect in Karachi, we will not take you there. But in Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Lahore, there are many other cities; in Mirpur, we have a superb new stadium. We will take you there, where I am sure they will be safe and warmly welcomed.”

Khan also noted that he wants the relationship between the PCB and BCB to go back to how it was during his first term as chairman.

“Last time I was chairman, there was a great spirit of cooperation between Asian boards,” he said. “We acted together, the four of us, regardless of political issues. We helped each other. The [BCB] president agreed with me that we need to revive the spirit.

“This means also that we need to have another look at Pakistani participation in leagues and various other tournaments. I was not aware that we had stopped sending our people here, which I personally think is regrettable. We will definitely put that right.”

Khan also revealed that a few Associate nations had inquired about touring Pakistan prior to the 2015 World Cup.

“I won’t name them but there are some important Associate countries, who are playing in the World Cup, who told us they are ready to come to Pakistan,” he said. “It is a step-by-step process, we are hoping Bangladesh will be one of the early ones who will break the ice. We hope to get it [clearance from ICC] with the help of our Asian brothers.”

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