SLC give Senanayake green light to play domestic cricket

"He's one of our assets, so we need to get him back fast"

“He’s one of our assets, so we need to get him back fast”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) have allowed spinner Sachithra Senanayake to play domestic cricket even though he was banned from bowling in international matches after his action was found to be illegal.

The board also revealed that “Sachithra has shown tremendous improvement” following his week-long remedial programme with human movement specialist Daryl Foster at the University of Western Australia in Perth. During his biomechanical test after being reported, Senanayake was found to be flexing his elbow up to 43 degrees, which is nearly three times the 15-degree limit.

Even though Senanayake has undergone many more biomechanical tests after his remedial programme, SLC are refusing to say how much he is flexing his elbow when bowling.

“Even if the flexion has been given to us [in the University of Western Australia report], it is something which we cannot share with anybody,” SLC CEO Ashley de Silva said. “They have done post-remedial testing. We are happy with the results of the post-testing.”

SLC also noted that they will ask the ICC to retest Senanayake’s action soon.

“SLC will coordinate with ICC on the date of his retesting in the near future,” an official release said.

However, SLC cricket operations manager Carlton Bernardus added that the board are hoping Senanayake is cleared to start playing international cricket before England come to Sri Lanka for a seven-match ODI series in November.

“He’s one of our assets, so we need to get him back fast,” Bernardus said. “He will be monitored during the domestic matches, when he plays. He will be recorded. We want to see him not only in the nets but also on the playing field. We have the opportunity of going for a second test. We need to be confident. That is the confidence we’re trying to place in the player, by putting him on field.”

But, Senanayake will have to be careful when he does make his return to international cricket because if his action is found to be illegal once again, he will be banned from bowling in international matches for a minimum of one year.

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