PCB suspends 16 domestic bowlers

The PCB's crackdown started after Ajmal was banned from bowling

The PCB’s crackdown started after Ajmal was banned from bowling

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have suspended 16 domestic bowlers as they continue their crackdown on players with suspicious bowling actions.

The board started its crackdown after national team spinner Saeed Ajmal was banned from bowling in international matches after his action was found to be illegal. In fact, Ajmal was found to be flexing his elbow up to 43 degrees, which is nearly three times the 15-degree limit.

“We have 29 bowlers reported for suspect bowling actions in the current home cricket season and half of them were reported twice, so we have banned around 16 from domestic matches,” PCB director of domestic cricket Inthikab Alam said. “All these bowlers will not be allowed to play in domestic matches and will go to the national cricket academy to get their actions altered.”

The PCB have also recently resumed building their own biomechanics laboratory after it was abandoned in 2007.

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