PCB restructures domestic league once again

"Our domestic structure has never been consistent"

“Our domestic structure has never been consistent”

Image courtesy of: ESPNcricinfo

Following months of deliberation, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have once again decided to restructure their domestic league.

The PCB have combined the 12 department and 14 regional teams to create one big first-class tournament, which will get underway on October 12.

Prior to this, the department and regional teams played in separate leagues.

“Our domestic structure has never been consistent,” the PCB’s director of game development, Haroon Rasheed, said. “We are aware that the structure had duplications, loopholes and things going in two different directions. We were not getting quality from the previous structure. So there was a definite need for a revamp and we are hoping to get the result with the change.

“We have researched that last year, departments have not really invested in new players and no player from the 320 regional players managed to win a place for the national team. So there was a concern because the PCB has been investing huge amounts of money in domestic cricket but the output isn’t really what we are expecting. So we have decided to merge both departments and regions to let them play each other. The new structure will have a new spirit and the format is a competitive one.”

In order to ensure bad weather doesn’t ruin matches, the PCB have decided to hold a majority of the season in the south of the country.

“All domestic matches during the period from December 1, 2014 to January 25, 2015 will be scheduled in the south to avoid the extreme cold and foggy weather in the north, due to which a number of matches could not be completed in the last cricket season,” Rasheed said.

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