Dassanayake’s job as Nepal coach in limbo

"CAN has not communicated anything regarding my contract and I need to go home"

“CAN has not communicated anything regarding my contract and I need to go home”

Image courtesy of: dailymirror.lk

Nepal head coach Pubudu Dassanayake’s job is currently in limbo after he left the country due to the fact that his contract is coming to an end.

Dassanayake revealed that the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) had not given him the slightest hint of wanting to renew his contract.

CAN secretary Ashok Nath Pyakuryal told ESPNcricinfo that Dassanayake had flown home, but added that the board are “confident” of renewing his contract.

“CAN has not communicated anything regarding my contract and I need to go home,” Dassanayake told Republica. “I am not comfortable staying here without any documents. I will be putting my family at risk if I work without documents. That’s why I have decided to leave.

“I leave it to CAN regarding my extension. Hopefully they will take a decision soon. However, I may not wait forever.

However, Pyakuryal played down Dassanayake comments, saying: “Dassanayake usually travels back to his home country during the monsoon season in Nepal, as there is little cricket going on at that time. He was supposed to go at the end of June but decided to leave earlier.”

Even though increasing Dassanayake’s salary might be a challenge, Pyakuryal insisted that the board are interested in renewing Dassanayake’s contract.

“We are confident of renewing his contract in June,” he said. “There has been a negotiation on the amount paid and that has increased substantially, and thus the Asian Cricket Council funds might not be enough. We are looking to work these things out though and hopefully extend his contract by no less than a year.”

In March, the CAN told Dassanayake that he would get a one-year contract extension, but that soon changed to three months, which means that Dassanayake’s contract will expire later this month.

“A few months ago, he did have a discussion with the executive committee and it was agreed to extend his contract by a year,” Pyakuryal said. “However, the board then came under an investigation by the Commission for Investigation into Abuse of Authority and as a result of such issues, it couldn’t endorse the decision. His papers couldn’t be arranged in time so he was given a three-month contract, which will expire this month.”

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