Match-fixing is a ‘cancer of the game that needs to be eradicated’, says Ian Bell

"It's frustrating to see it cropping up again"

“It’s frustrating to see it cropping up again”

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England batsman Ian Bell has announced that match-fixing is a “cancer of the game that needs to be eradicated” before it becomes a full-blown epidemic. 

Bell also noted that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) should be taking more precautions in order to ensure it does not become a major problem at the county level. 

Bell’s comments come after former New Zealand batsman Lou Vincent gave the International Cricket Council (ICC) “a treasure trove of information about matches that were targeted for spot-fixing and the names of players” involved.

“It’s the cancer of the game that needs to be eradicated,” Bell said. “It’s frustrating to see it cropping up again. Lou Vincent is saying that it’s in five different countries that he’s played in. That’s unbelievable.

“In county games there is nothing. There are no rules in place as far as I’m aware.

“There are no rules or regs in county cricket to say you can’t do anything (with your phone).

“I haven’t seen anything at Warwickshire that helps the guys or helps them understand or gives them any more advice. Maybe there is more that can be done at domestic level.”

Responding to Bell’s remarks, an ECB spokesman said: “We don’t feel the need to take away players’ mobile phones or laptops at televised county matches. It is a judgement call made by the anti-corruption unit.

“We are constantly vigilant but don’t believe corruption is endemic in county cricket. We take measures proportional to the level of threat.”

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