Lehmann has ‘brought that enjoyment back’, says Chris Rogers

"I think 'Boof' has brought back that old-school mentality"

“I think ‘Boof’ has brought back that old-school mentality”

Image courtesy of: Herald Sun

Australia opening batsman Chris Rogers has announced that the national team has been so successful under head coach Darren Lehmann since he has “brought that enjoyment back”.

Rogers’ comments come after Australia whitewashed England 5-0 in the recent Ashes series and beat South Africa 2-1 just prior to the World Twenty20.

“I grew up a little bit in the old-school days, when it was far more relaxed, you did enjoy yourself,” Rogers said. “Now it’s far more professional. I think ‘Boof’ has brought back that old-school mentality a little bit. I remember the first thing he did, we had a meeting and he said it won’t go for more than half an hour and when it did hit half an hour, he said, ‘Right, that’s it, we’re all going to the pub’.

“We went to the pub and I could look around and see the guys and it was almost like, ‘Is this really happening?’ I think he’s brought that enjoyment back, where you play hard and you play to win but you also enjoy yourself and you don’t take yourself too seriously. I enjoy that because I think that’s the kind of mentality I try to bring to Middlesex and the other sides I play for. My Test career has coincided with his coaching career and it’s worked out well for me particularly.”

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