‘We can beat anyone in the world’, says Tim Bresnan

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“I still believe we’re doing the right things”

Even though England have lost 17 out of their last 21 matches in all formats, pace bowler Tim Bresnan remains upbeat about their chances of winning the World Twenty20.

Bresnan even as far as saying that England “can beat anyone in the world”.

“We’re still confident,” he said. “Things haven’t gone our way over the last few months but we still believe we’re playing good cricket, turning out good performances. But stringing together everything at the same time is a problem for us. If we can find that spark and everything clicks, we can beat anyone in the world.

“A couple of lads have been having good games, but you need three or four players to influence games and get you the win. We haven’t really been able to do that.”

England lost their first World Twenty20 match to New Zealand via the Duckworth-Lewis method and must now defeat Sri Lanka on March 27 if they want to have a good chance of advancing to the next round.

“It’s more of a mindset is T20,” Bresnan said. “We certainly have the power players, we have everything in the armoury to win games of cricket.

“We just can’t put our finger on why we’ve not been able to piece together a good performance.

“We’ve been playing six weeks of T20. It’s been good, we’ve gelled as a team. I think we’re still confident in the dressing-room despite not winning many games. I think we all realise we need that win to kick us off – and we’ll be off and running.

“They say winning hides a multitude of sins and it can do that in your own performance as well as the team’s. It’s only when you lose, that’s only when you analyse in-depth stuff that has actually gone wrong or stuff that might have been going wrong for a while.”

Many former players and pundits believe that England’s Twenty20 skills are plummeting at an alarming rate, but Bresnan disagrees with them.

“I don’t think that is the case,” Bresnan said. “I still believe we’re doing the right things. We’re always analysing the footage of the good sides and seeing what the other lads are doing. It’s not necessarily trying to emulate them, it’s trying to put our own twist on a winning formula. We’re looking to do that over the course of the next three games.”

One area in which all the England bowlers are struggling is bowling toe-crunching yorkers.

When asked about this problem, Bresnan said: “Yorker is the ball if you can get it right. As we’ve seen if you get it wrong it can disappear or go for an inside edge for four. You have to practice but it is more mental than anything. It is a difficult ball to bowl when the pressure is on. You’re aiming at a four-inch square in front of the stumps and it’s not very easy to hit. I feel as though it is one of my biggest weapons and the more I can get it right, the more successful we will be.”

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