‘A strong India with a vibrant commercial structure is good for world cricket’, says Narayanaswami Srinivasan

Image courtesy of: The Indian Express

“The BCCI is quite happy to be involved with the leadership of cricket”

The president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Narayanaswami Srinivasan, has announced that he believes “a strong India with a vibrant commercial structure is good for world cricket”.

Srinivasan’s comments come after there has been a lot of anger directed towards the BCCI, England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Cricket Australia’s revamp proposals.

If the proposal does go ahead, the Big Three, as mentioned above, will gain a larger chunk of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) revenue and have more control over the sport as well.

“The BCCI is quite happy to be involved with the leadership of cricket,” Srinivasan told ESPNcricinfo. “We will embrace the ICC in the new structure, which will be good for cricket as a whole.

“A strong India with a vibrant commercial structure is good for world cricket.”

Srinivasan also clarified that the proposal the Big Three had put together was just a draft and that no other cricket boards had been asked to approve it during the ICC board members meeting on January 9.

“When we met in Dubai on January 9, I made the presentation and we said this is what we are suggesting,” he said. “If there are improvements or suggestions or some other model, please feel free to put them forward. Somebody has to prepare a draft for discussion. So three out of ten sat together and prepared a draft, others can go through it and suggest changes. In fact a lot of changes have already taken place. There has been lot of consultation and a lot of points have been dropped also and some changes have been made.”

Srinivasan also revealed that he was in favour of getting rid of the Future Tours Programme (FTP) since the new system the Big Three have come up with will make bilateral series a lot stronger.

“The current system is merely an indicative structure without any guarantees,” he said. “It is not a legal document, it was never binding.

“The FTP bilateral agreement will be stronger. And we have already sat down during the Dubai meeting and discussed it with a number of countries, and the proposed FTP for going forward will work on the right cycle.”

The BCCI president added that Associate Members will benefit financially from the proposal and they will receive opportunities to play against top-ranked sides as well.

“I’ll explain it to you,” Srinivasan said. “In the last rights cycle, a total of US$ 314 million was allocated to the Associates. But actually the Associates, in terms of money, got US$ 125 million directly from the ICC. And then the balance went by way of subscriptions collected from them, ICC administration costs, event costs, tournament costs, and costs of running some programmes – umpires’ programmes or high performance programmes etc. So basically it is 125 plus cost.

“Now, in this proposal…they are likely to get 200 plus costs. The top performing Associates will get almost a 100 million, which is what was [previously] given to all of them.

“What has been their concern at all times? They say we are playing only amongst each other, we never get to play you. So there is an opportunity now, in time. You can’t look at things overnight, you take a 10-year cycle, 20 years. A top Associate can become a top Test nation, that possibility is there.”

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