Australia will be gunning for me, says Faf du Plessis

Image courtesy of: Zimbio

“I am going to be [adopting] a new role so they may want to target that”

South Africa batsman Faf du Plessis has announced that Australia will be gunning for him during the upcoming Test series, given that he has been promoted to the number four spot on the batting order, which used to belong to all-rounder Jacques Kallis, who retired from Test cricket in December 2013.

“The one thing the Australians do really well is that target guys,” du Plessis said. “They will probably target Graeme because he is the captain, and I thought they did that really well with Alastair Cook, and then look at other guys. Like myself. I am going to be [adopting] a new role so they may want to target that.”

However, du Plessis believes that he can gain the upper hand over Australia’s bowling attack by playing the waiting game and dispatching all poor deliveries to the boundary.

“I am just going to be very patient and wait for mistakes from the bowlers,” he said. “When you bat up the order you have to stay in your bubble a little bit longer.

“I think I play at my best when I am being patient.”

Du Plessis also revealed that he has been extremely impressed with the way pace bowler Vernon Philander has been batting as of late.

He added that the lower order batsmen “will play a crucial part for both teams”.

“Vernon has been batting beautifully for us for the last year or so,” he said. “He has really put his peg in the ground as a proper all-rounder.

“If you look at all those lower-order guys, they are at their best when they are looking to score. So their job is to be nice and positive.

“No. 7 to 11 will play a crucial part for both teams. Australia also bat deep so I think that will play a big role in this series.”

The 29-year-old also conceded that this will be a tough series for the batsmen of both teams.

“We’ve done well at home on wickets that have assisted the bowlers and been quite difficult to bat on, especially with the new ball,” du Plessis said. “But if we get a flat wicket, then that could assist Australia, because they are quite attacking in their strokeplay.”

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